Wave Examples

Hawaiian Garrett McNamara surfing the largest wave ever surfed. The big wave rider caught the huge 30m (90 feet) monster in early November 2011, off the coast of Nazaré in central Portugal.

Cloud waves over Alabama Air National Guard facility at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, December 16, 2011.

Big waves also form in the stock market.


A bearish wave drawn on a 120-minute SPZ11, 2SPZ11.

The vast majority of investors do not understand, nor are they willing to embrace, the phenomena of stock market waves. Many of the most violent stock market waves (examples not shown) explode, before or after, they complete all five points. This usually happens when there are two or more "layered" waves in different time frames. Identifying the "rogues" is where my fifty-years of experience comes in.