Survey for daily Wolfe Wave update

I am considering sending out a daily email update which would detail a current Wolfe Wave, or one that is in the process of forming. It would be most beneficial to, but not limited to, former students who have taken my course and do not have the time to watch intraday charts, or who just want to confirm their own analysis.

To be sure that I am not giving away the secrets of the Wolfe Wave course, I will only identify the 2 point of the wave. I will then refer to lessons and rules that past students will easily recognize, so that they could completely draw the wave for themselves.

Active traders of the ES and especially SPY weekly option traders that would like a chance to capture huge profits in puts and calls could greatly benefit from this service. Often there is the possibility for 100% profit in just a few hours, or minutes, for option traders. (Click for some examples from my other website.)

For those that have not taken my course much info can be found about it at

The update would be similar to this example:

If you may be interested in such an update please respond to and indicate if you are a former student.

I am no longer considering a Wolfe Wave Signals service as it would divulge too much information about my instructions that only former students were privileged to know.

Information about my course can be found at: